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Triathlon Fit

As a triathlete, what is the purpose of a bike fit?
To make you a better runner!


When I am fitting you to your bike for a triathlon, wether it be as short as sprint or long as Ironman, it is my job to make sure you get to the finish line! You can have the fastest bike split and break the course record, but if you get passed by 200 people in the run because you are cramping all over from an improper bike fit, your bike leg is useless... First and foremost, I am looking to set you up biomechanically efficient. If your body is moving in its most natural and neutral way, chances are when you get off the bike to run you will feel great. Also, I am not just trying to get you aero and make your back flat. Being in a crazy aggressive aero position would be awesome, but chances are it is not sustainable over the entirety of your bike leg. FACT! Riding on your base bars for half your race is not aero. I much rather put you in a position that is less aero, but more sustainable. It is in this position that will not only allow you to run great after your bike, but chances are that if you are comfortable while on the bike you will be in a better place mentally which will more often than not yield a better result at the finish line.