Long Beach Bike Fit
Find Your Balance

The Fit Process

What do you get out of a fit?


A fit typically lasts 2-3 hours. I don't want to just throw you into position and send you packing... I want to take the time to explore the subtleties of your fit and educate you as best as possible on why you have ended up in the position you have. Every rider will balance over the bike differently, so it is my job to work with you to find that balance.

After your first fit you get 2 free follow ups to make sure things are as optimal as possible. I would love to think I am perfect and get everything right the first time, but a good fit is a process. It will take some time for me as the fitter and you as the rider to truly get you into the best position possible, but once it is done you will love every minute you spend on your bike.


→   Flexibility Assessment

→   Foot Structure Analysis

→   Cleat & Show Analysis*

→   Initial 3D Motion Capture & Bike Fit Assessment

→   Dynamic Fit Adjustments

→   Post Adjustment 3D Motion Capture

→   Pre & Post Monitoring of Pulse & Oxygen Saturation

→   Post-Fit Digital Bike Scan

→   Comprehensive Post Fit Report via Email