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I did a pre-fit with Nate for a new Tri Bike and went yesterday to pick up and be adjusted for my new Felt IA2. Nate is wonderful. I am not as technically savvy as many riders and he very patiently answered my questions. I can’t wait to start riding. This is the bike I will be riding in the National 1/2 Ironman Competition in Chattanooga this September...if I don’t podium it won’t be Nate’s fault or my bike-it will be me! This bike is a dream come true after my 12 year old road bike. I recommend Nate for anyone looking for a good fit and if advancing to a higher quality bike from their current one.
— Susan Lynn Hutchinson

I never thought riding a tri bike could be so comfortable. I scheduled a pre-fit with Nate (since he had fit me for my road bike). He gave me his recommendations and helped me weigh out my options. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and patiently answered ALL my questions. I went with his top choice for me, the Felt IA16, and absolutely love it. He let me demo a couple saddles until I found the perfect one. I needed a minor adjustment the week of my race, and Nate squeezed me in. Thanks again!
— Shaina Osothprarop Yee

I went in to Nate because i had some quad and front knee pain and was sliding forward a bit. Ive been tampering with my own fit for a while now. What I liked most about Nate is his practical experience. He rides himself and knows exactly what you’re talking about because he has run into that on his own bike. He knew almost immediately. He is like an artist it’s crazy. My bike fits like a glove now. I’m relaxed in an agressive aero position. He did it quick and I will not tamper with an Allen wrench anymore, I will go see Nate. I’m sold.
— Chris Boling

My 8 year old bike feels like new again! Thanks Nate for taking the time to get me dialed back in. It’s amazing how much my bike fit has changed over the years. I’ve now got better sustained power at a lower HR. I’m diggin’ it!
— Brent Blough

Nate is awesome! I have my first road bike and was pretty uncomfortable on it. Just left from seeing Nate and already I can feel the difference. He was professional but also very sociable and made a nervous girl on her first bike feel much more relaxed. Highly recommended.
— Katie Finlay