Long Beach Bike Fit
Find Your Balance

What to Bring

Let's Find Your Balance


Think of this as if you are going for a ride. You will be on the trainer doing a good amount of riding as well as possibly outside. 

→    Your bike
→    Cycling clothing because you will be riding. Note: Tight shorts are recommended for correct sensor placement. Sleeveless jerseys or tech-t are a good as well
→    Cycling shoes. Also pedals if we are doing a Pre Fit
→    Helmet
→    Water bottle
→    Extras: Anything you may want to try that you already own: Stems, saddles, bars... (contact me if you have questions)
→    Your dog! We are very dog friendly at Long beach Bike Fit 

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY LOTION OR SUNSCREEN BEFORE FIT. The motion capture dots will not stick.