Long Beach Bike Fit
Find Your Balance

Motion Capture Technology

Retül 3D Motion Capture System is the gold standard fitting tool in the cycling industry


The Retül system is accurate to under a millimeter, which allows me to understand your biomechanics ranges and angle at a medical level. The Retül has 8 infrared LED body markers that are placed everywhere there is a hinge on you body. The sensors are tracked by the cameras every 2.1 milliseconds, or 476 times per second! Once we are done taking the capture as you ride all of your biomechanics ranges are measured and displayed on the screen in front of us. I use these ranges as a guideline to understand how your body is reacting to the changes we are making. Although, finding your balance over the bike is not at all cookie cutter. With a combination of your feedback, my trained eye and ability to pair what you say and what I see, we are then able to understand the ranges and what your body is trying to tell us.

The Müve is the best fit bike in the world, with the ability to fit someone who is 4'6" to 8' tall, there is no position we can't achieve. With the ability to make changes in a matter of seconds, you are able to develop a better opinion of what you like and more importantly, what you don't like. The adjustability of the Müve allows us to leave nothing to chance and know exactly what your very best position is