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Injury Prevention

Contrary to popular belief, you can feel better on your saddle!


The only pain you should feel on the bike is the pain you inflict upon yourself! Some of the most common pain and discomfort issues are knee pain, lower back pain, hand numbness, foot numbness, and hot feet. When the cause of such issues is determined to be fit-related, there are usually some very straightforward and positive steps we can take to relieve the symptoms and keep them from becoming chronic.

Saddle discomfort is a huge issue. There is no one right saddle for everyone, so we must take the time to understand you as an individual and what saddle will best balance you over the bike. Issues with saddles can be both fit and saddle related. Your fit can have a lot to do with how you sit on a saddle, and how your weight is distributed across the saddle. For instance, pain or numbness can occur if you have too much weight on the front of the saddle, usually due to (but not solely limited to) improper reach or fore/aft position. Saddle shape, size, and padding can also create, or cure, discomfort. Typically, it is a combination of both fit and saddle choice that makes for a happy cyclist, and my job is to help you find both.